We have offered summer learning programs since 1993.We have helped well over 2000 children develop their skills in a fun filled supportive environment.

We are offering a summer school program for struggling or at risk students during the month of July.

Summer school programs are offered for children ranging from kindergarten to grade eight. The program includes language arts, math, science and social studies, art, physical education, computers and music. Class sizes are small (10 to 14). We also offer a specialized literacy program for at risk readers in grades one or two.

We also offer a High School Preparation Class as part of our summer school. The class will focus intensively on reviewing the grade eight curriculum in order to help students retain and consolidate skills that are essential for high school success.

The course will concentrate on:
* math
* reading
* written language
* essay writing
* study skills

Students will also participate in physical education and computer studies. An integrated science and social studies unit may be used to help with the development of study skills and essay writing.

In many situations the programs may be tax deductible under specific circumstances.

TALC Academy Summer School is the perfect opportunity for students to continue to develop their skills during the long summer vacation. We are more than happy to provide parents with references. We look forward to helping your child over the summer.

Please call me for more information.


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TALC Academy is a private school for children experiencing difficulty with their education and learning. Our goal is to work intensively with our students and provide individual intervention to address their specific needs, so that they will be able to return to the regular public or private school system as successful learners.

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