TALC Academy Secondary School is a safe secure environment in which to learn. Students who threaten this environment will not be part of the program. Bullying, teasing, put downs and harassment have no place in our school program. Students are expected to work hard, apply themselves to their studies, and be courteous and respectful to classmates, teachers and members of the community. The program involves a great number of out of class experiences and students must behave in a way that brings credit to themselves and their school. Our program is not designed for students with behavioral or motivational difficulties. There are other programs for these types of students and we would encourage you to seek their assistance if this is the primary area of need for your young adult.

Students need to dress in a manner that will not interfere with the learning environment. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. There will be specific clothing requirements for the physical education program that will be communicated to the students. Students are not permitted to wear clothing with inappropriate or offensive messages. More specifically, clothing with drug or alcohol messages are not permitted. Messages that are sexually risque impact on the classroom learning environment and are also not permitted. Girls’ skirts must be of a sufficient length that girls can sit comfortably and participate in any classroom drama or movement activity. Halter tops and tube tops impact on the classroom learning environment and are not permitted. Shirts for boys and girls must have sleeves and not just straps. The bottom of the top must meet the top of the bottom.

If we have a concern about the nature of a student’s clothing and its impact on the learning environment, we will discuss our concerns with the student. If we are unable to resolve the issue, then parents and school administration will meet. The final decision about the appropriateness of specific clothing items rests with the school administration.

The use of alcohol, non-prescription drugs or tobacco products is not allowed during the school day, on school grounds or on school excursions.

Students will have to agree to follow the TALC Academy Internet Use Guidelines in order to access the computer systems at school. Students will be able to access the school wireless system. Students will need to have a lap top computer.



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TALC Academy is a private school for children experiencing difficulty with their education and learning. Our goal is to work intensively with our students and provide individual intervention to address their specific needs, so that they will be able to return to the regular public or private school system as successful learners.

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