In Year Four and Five students will select courses based on interest and college prerequisites. Students will select courses from the TALC Academy Secondary School Calendar. If we do not have suffucient numbers of students to run a specific course then we will enroll the student in the Independent Learning Centre for that course. The Ministry of Education offers credits through The Independent Learning Centre. We will time table an independent study period and supervise and monitor student progress in the course.

For those students who wished to take a specific course that we do not offer, or who wished to upgrade from the applied to the academic stream, the Independent Learning Centre provides independent study courses. We would register the student in the appropriate course. The Independent Learning Centre would provide us with course materials and assignments. As part of their program at TALC Academy Secondary school the student would complete the course under our supervision. The student would have access to the teacher for additional assistance. Independent Learning Centre courses would only be available for students in year four and five.



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TALC Academy is a private school for children experiencing difficulty with their education and learning. Our goal is to work intensively with our students and provide individual intervention to address their specific needs, so that they will be able to return to the regular public or private school system as successful learners.

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