Grade 9, English – (Applied) ENG1P1
This course is designed to develop the key oral communication: reading, writing, and media literacy
skills students need for success in secondary school and daily life. Students will read, interpret, and create a variety of informational, literary, and graphic texts. An important focus will be on identifying and using appropriate strategies and processes to improve students’ comprehension of texts and to help them communicate clearly and effectively. The course is intended to prepare students for the Grade 10 applied English course, which leads to college or workplace preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12.


Grade 9, English – (Essential) ENG1L1
This course provides foundational literacy and communication skills to prepare students for success in their daily lives, in the workplace, and the English Grade 11 Workplace Preparation course. The course is organized by strands that develop listening and talking skills, reading and viewing skills, and writing skills. In all strands, the focus is on developing foundational literacy skills and in using language clearly and accurately in a variety of authentic contexts. Students develop strategies and put into practice the process involved in talking, listening, reading, viewing, writing, and thinking, and reflect regularly upon their growth in these areas.


Grade 9, Foundations of Mathematics – (Applied) MFM1P1
This course enables students to develop understanding of mathematical concepts related to introductory algebra, proportional reasoning, and measurement and geometry through investigation, the effective use of technology, and hands-on activities. Students will investigate real-life examples to develop various representations of linear relationships, and will determine the connections between the representations. They will also explore certain relationships that emerge from the measurement of three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional shapes. Students will consolidate their mathematical skills as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.


Grade 9, Foundations of Mathematics – (Essential) MAT1L1
This course emphasizes further development of mathematical knowledge and skills to prepare students for success in their everyday lives, in the workplace, in the Grade 10 LDCC course, and in the Mathematics Grade 11 and Grade 12 Workplace Preparation courses. The course is organized by three strands related to money sense, measurement, and proportional reasoning. In all strands, the focus is on developing and consolidating key foundational mathematical concepts and skills by solving authentic, everyday problems. Students have opportunities to further develop their mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills and to continue developing their skills in reading, writing, and oral language through relevant and practical math activities.

Grade 9, Science – (Essential) SNC1L1
This course emphasizes reinforcing and strengthening science-related knowledge and skills, including scientific inquiry, critical thinking and the relationship between science, society, and the environment, to prepare students for success in everyday life, in the workplace and in the Science Grade 10 Essential course. Students explore a range of topics including science in daily life, properties of common materials, life sustaining processes in simple and complex organisms, and electrical circuits. Students have the opportunity to extend mathematical and scientific process skills and to continue developing their skills in reading, writing, and oral language through relevant and practical science activities.

Grade 9, Geography of Canada (Applied) CGC1P

This course draws upon students’ everyday experiences and uses a variety of frameworks, including the ecozone framework, to help students learn about the geography of Canada and the country’s place in the global community. Students will investigate the interconnections among the country’s land forms, climates, soils, plants, animals, and human activities in order to understand Canada’s character and diversity.

Grade 9, Healthy Active Living Education (Open) PPL 1O
This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improve personal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention. They will investigate issues related to healthy sexuality and the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and will participate in activities designed to develop goal setting, communication, and social skills. The majority of this course takes place off campus and may include, swimming, personal fitness, skiing, tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, bowling, billiards, and other sports and recreation activities.

Grade 9, Comprehensive Arts, Grade 9, Open, ALC1O
This course integrates three or more of the arts (dance, dramatic arts, music and visual arts) and examines the similarities and differences among these subjects. Students will learn specialized arts vocabulary while investigating traditional concepts, stylistic elements, and principles unique to the various arts, as well as applications of new technologies. This course involves monthly art excursions that may take place during school hours, in the evening or on Saturdays. A schedule for the year will be provided in September.

Grade 9, Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary School , Open (GLS1O/GLE1O)
This course explores learning strategies and helps students become better, more independent learners while increasing their personal management skills, both in school and in other contexts. Students will learn how to develop and apply a range of strategies to improve their learning and achievement, particularly their literacy, numeracy, communication, and planning skills. This course will increase students’ confidence, motivation, and ability to learn. This course material will be integrated into the Science and Geography curriculums throughout the year.


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