For more information about the admission process, please contact the school directly at 905 319 7011, and ask to speak with Judy. Many of our students come to us with recent psycho-educational assessments already completed, although this is not a requirement. The necessary academic testing can be preformed on site as part of the admissions process. Test results will be used to design your child’s individualized program.

TALC Academy’s fees are similar to those of other private schools. We do everything possible to make our program affordable for parents. We offer monthly payment plans as well as a variety of school program/fee plans.

Our school program fees range from offering a classroom program only, school program with one resource session per week, school program with two resource sessions per week and all the way up to a school program with five daily resource sessions per week.

For specific information about which plan best meets your child’s needs, please contact the school office.


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TALC Academy is a private school for children experiencing difficulty with their education and learning. Our goal is to work intensively with our students and provide individual intervention to address their specific needs, so that they will be able to return to the regular public or private school system as successful learners.

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